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 This is the top of the line bult in a c4labs case. *Connect to a ambient WiFi without the need for a pc. 2.4 or 5g WiFi. *On / Off and reboot touch functions. *BER adjustments are done from screen. *pistar© updates and modem board firmware updates are also done from the screen. *profiles can be saved for DMR and easily recalled and implemented. *last heard dash board functions just recently added as well as live graph of Processor Temperature, BER, PPS and RSSI. There are 6 color themes you can easily change *Now update the Nextion© Display without removing it from the case. (Thanks to Mitch, EA7KDO and James, KF6S for the SUPER screen features) ***AS NEW FUNCTIONS ARE DEVELOPED YOU CAN EASILY UPDATE*** It is a raspberry© pi4 2GB . There is a built in cooling fan to keep the temp in check. They are loaded with pistar©. Any of the boards used will function well and have been fully tested. It does all the modes just like our previous hotspots. It works on wi-fi and also has an ethernet port. The JumboSpot© hat board has the latest 2020 version 1.7 It is in a nice acrylic see thru case with a custom programmed 3.5 inch Nextion screen. The enhanced Nextion© screen has touch areas and has some amazing features you will not find anywhere else. Assembly, soldering, and configuration is all done by me, (K4WZV). These units are completely tested before being shipped. All you need is an  USB type C power cable. (Power supply is included with purchase) and a wi-fi based internet connection or a wired Ethernet connection and you are on the air with your digital radio. It works on DMR, NXDN, D-Star, P25 and Fusion. DIRECTIONS FOR NEXTION DISPLAY ARE AT THE LEFT SIDE  OF THE WEBSITES HOME PAGE. Hotspot comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty plus anydesk tech support. A extended 2 year warranty is available for purchase.You can also get live help on our DMR network. TGIF network talk group 31665. 

Terms and Conditions

All hotspot purchases come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Customer pays shipping to Return shipping is paid by

Warranty does not cover physical damage, alteration to the hotspots, Acts of nature.

No refunds after 36 hours of receipt of the hotspots.  Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Refunds take 3-5 buisness days to process

Free estimates on out of warranty repairs 

All orders shipped outside the US the customer is responsible for any import duty fees, Custom charges, Tariffs. etc

Product Code: TGI1LLKA34

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Absolutely AWSOME!!!

I I ordered the TGIFSPOT 3.5 inch Nextion - TGI1LLKA34 from Robert and received the package a few days later. Upon opening the package I found it to be one of the best packaging I have seen in a very long time. Bubble wrapped to perfection and well protected from shipping issues. Inside, Robert included several pages of clear and concise instructions of what to do from step one to completion. It took a few minutes to follow along and got the TGIFSPOT booted up and on my running on my WIFI. The Nextion screen is amazing. I will say my fat fingers on the touch screen need to be a little more precise as you can touch the reboot by accident when you touch the Home screen button. The information on the Nextion screen is also a plus and you would need to experience it to really appreciate the time spent on its programming. The case is a C4Labs case and is perfect in every way. Made several DMR contacts and was impressed with the screen detail. I had a small issue in the beginning and called Robert and left a message. He returned my call shortly thereafter and helped me through it. I cannot say enough about the quality of his product or customer service. If your pondering, do I get it or build it yourself?,,, Buy it from Robert you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Robert 73’s Chuck

Hugh "Chuck" McDonald :: 2 Dec 2023, 13:34

Best Hotspot On The Market

The TGIF hotspot is the best on the market. I have owned several other brands but replaced them all with TGIF Hotspots. It comes ready to go completely configured basically plug and play. Now Robert has taken it to the next level, I had mine delivered in 4 days, can't beat that! Thanks Robert

Doug Paquette :: 12 Feb 2023, 17:53

Unique feature set

I haven't received mine yet, but based on the best eHam reviews for ANY hotspot and the fact that this is one of the VERY few hot spots that does 5G wifi, buying it made sense. My router is one of those "smart" routers from Spectrum that bounces around between 2.4 and 5G, depending on signal quality, and isn't user configurable. And I love the super easy programming.

Gerald Mucci :: 5 Feb 2023, 10:39

Best Hotspot I own

Best hotspot I own! Configured out of the box for TGIF network. All you have to do is plug it in and configure your radio’s code plug and you’re on the air. Robert provides Great customer service and will answer any of your questions.

Paul :: 14 Sep 2022, 10:36

Best Hotspot / Fantastic Support

The TGIF hotspots are well made. I have three of the 3.5" Hotspots with the Nextion Touch screen. Robert (K4WZV) offers the best support. You can't go wrong with TGIF Spot.

Jeff W Waldrop N1JWW :: 25 Aug 2022, 09:23

Best Hotspot and Best Service

This unit is cosmetically gorgeous and works like a champ! Robert offers the very best customer service in the industry today. As a first time, DMR and hotspot user, he made me knowledgeable very quickly. If you want performance out of the box, you've come to the right place.

Wes Wingo :: 1 Jul 2022, 02:21

A+ Product & Service

The TGIF spot 3.5 is a very cool unit. I enjoy the fact that it has a touchscreen which can be used to change wifi on the fly. If you travel at all, this option is a no-brainer. Now, to me what happens after the purchase is what makes a product/company. Robert is AMAZING! The customer service and support I have received has been second to none. From general questions to a defective component, Robert was quick to help and got my issues resolved. No cheap, Chinese made hotspot will give you that. Thanks Robert.

Adam :: 30 Jun 2022, 09:09

3.5 Nextion HS!

Robert is the man! I own two 3.5 Hot Spots. Both are of excellent quality and perform flawlessly! As soon as my Pi 4 B 8G board arrives I plan on have another one built! this is one of the best investments you will make in your quest for perfection! You will not be disappointed! Quality product, excellent tech support!

Chuck Huckabay :: 24 Apr 2022, 15:25



Francis Fournier :: 5 Mar 2022, 11:56



Daniel Kristopher Criswell :: 25 Feb 2022, 23:20

Excellent support

I have owned the 3.5 TGIF hotspot for several years, and it has worked flawlessly. Recently I had a problem with the display. I contacted Robert and he responded right away and determined my sd card was corrupt. He then provided the help I needed to get a new sd card configured and this fixed my problem. Thank you Robert for your excellent support. W4VSP,Al

Alvin Crane :: 2 Feb 2022, 18:47


Did NOT know what to buy Wanted a HS that I could see and know what the HS was doing. Robert was Excellent always helping this Old Fart get the HS setup and going and answering my Questions even. CS is #1 and the HS as well. Will buy again for my DSTAR THANKS Robert!!

MIKE in AZ :: 27 Jan 2022, 11:52

Reliable but...

Reliably up and running daily. The only suggestion I would ask for : A setting to access the pi-star dash board on the TGIFspot screen. This would greatly aid in the monitoring of the Hotspot. Yes this can be accessed from a phone or tablet but why with such a beautiful large screen there in your face??

William Wise :: 27 Jan 2022, 11:02

Awesome customer service

My TGIF SPOT 3.5 would not connect to my wifi. Robert spent 2 hours on a Saturday night to help me get on the air. It turns out that i had messed up my wifi password i gave them when they programmed my spot. AWESOME customer service. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Edward Talley :: 15 Jan 2022, 20:07

Excellent Hotspot

I have owned the TGIF Hotspot for several months now and it has worked flawlessly. In my search for a hotspot I spent a couple of weeks or more researching hotspots and settled on the TGIF Hotspot. I give it 5-Stars for its construction, good looks, screen size and dependability. If you're looking for an excellent DMR hotspot look no further than the TGIF Hotspot. Can't go wrong with it.

Matt WD7N :: 20 Sep 2021, 23:40

Simply the best

It just works. Every single time. I had so many problems with a mmdvm I picked up off Amazon. I decided to try this. It's been absolutely flawless since day one.

James S Lanning :: 15 Aug 2021, 04:06

Finally a HotSpot That Works

Outstanding Customer Service and Support. Outstanding Hotspot (3.5). Thank you, Robert, I've been trying to get on DMR for several months. The TGIF 3.5 made it happen. Since I got it, I rarely listen to HF or 2 mtrs (lol). Thanx again!

John K4EJW :: 30 Jul 2021, 21:58

Best Pi-Star Hotspot

By far the 3.5"TGIFSpot is the best Pi-Star based hotspot available! I've been involved in DV ham radio from D-Star thru DMR and own several types of hotspots. This one is professionally well built and exceeds all expectations. You'll like it!

Robert Jurgonski-N4RJJ :: 14 Jun 2021, 23:19

TGIF Spot = Best Hotspot

With the 3.5 inch Nexion touch screen and TGIF preconfiguring the hotspot for you (you provide critical connect info with your order), this is THE BEST of the classic design hotspots available IMO. On power-up, it immediately found my network and had my credentials displayed on the screen. Could not be much easier to get started. Highly recommend the TGIF spots and the 3.5" Nexion in particular.

Brian Hausknecht :: 18 May 2021, 01:20

The Best Hotspot!

This is a great hotspot! Solid construction, and it works great with my IC-9700! Easy to use dashboard, and has lots of features. Upgraded the hotspot since I first received it. Great support! John N2KBE

John :: 18 Apr 2021, 01:11

So good I bought 2

To my knowledge, the TGIF Spot has the largest hotspot screen available. I can see it across the room. It has all of the info I want displayed, plus more. It is well laid out. Customer service is great. I had a defective screen on one, emailed Robert, he said ship it back, and he replaced the screen, no charge. I like them so much, I bought a second. I use one on the TGIF Network, and one on Brandmeister. I will probably get a third for D-Star. Great product, great service. Thanks.

Scott Cullen Harrell :: 16 Apr 2021, 01:41

Best Spot EVER!!!

Outstanding tech support, Great looking well built piece. Nuff Said.

James Dusek KB5RIR :: 3 Apr 2021, 02:44

Love it!!

Still newly getting into DMR. This HS is soooo easy to setup, use, monitor with, and just looks COOL! Product support is OUTSTANDING! Thanks guys for making such a GREAT product!!!

Lee Whitehead :: 5 Mar 2021, 20:56

Your search is over...

You need look no further than right here...Yeah, you can buy an MMDVM spot for less than $100...but who put it together? Who's gonna support you when you screw it up? Who you gonna call? China??? Good luck on that...Simply the TGIFspots are the best out there...The 3.5" Nextion Touch screen is worth the price by itself...Whatcha waiting for? Order now!!!

Fred B Deem III :: 1 Mar 2021, 07:20

Worth every penny!

I am new to digital radio and recently purchased my first hotspot from TGIF (3.5 Model). I am extremely impressed with the quality of the device. The included power cable with integrated on/off switch is a great bonus feature! Plus, Robert is always available on the TGIF network if you have questions or need tech support. Fantastic product and customer service!

Brad :: 6 Feb 2021, 18:13

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